Our programs seek to address the unique needs of girls and young women, challenge negative gender norms, decrease gender-based violence, and engage boys and young men in creating more gender-equitable communities.

The Need

Unequal gender norms fuel
harmful gender-based violence.


Asset 2 Adolescent girls are highly vulnerable to sexual and intimate partner violence 70% more li k ely to contract HIV than their male counterparts. of girls see violence in relationships as acceptable 4X Asset 1 Boys have already perpetrated intimatepartner violence (IPV) Boys are pressured to e xperiment with drugs and alcohol. boys screen positive for harmful alcohol use. 1 4 IN 1 IN 3

GRS Approach

Our Impact

  • Female participants

    report a higher sense of self-efficacy, confidence, and knowledge about the risk factors for sexual and gender based violence and HIV

  • Girls in GRS programs

    are more capable of identifying harmful gender norms and examples of physical and intimate partner violence

  • 23% improvement

    in gender-equitable beliefs among graduates of GRS girl-focused program

  • Male participants

    have shown improved gender equitable attitudes