Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Gregg Lemkau – Co-Chair
Co-CEO, BDT & MSD Partners
GRS has direct impact in improving the health of youth. It is an inspired concept that has been executed flawlessly and extended to broaden its impact. I am so proud to be part of an organization that has had such a positive impact on the lives of so many young people in need.

Ware Adams
Managing Director, DC Energy
Favorite Soccer Team: Washington Spirit
“I think that using something people love to hold their attention on topics they frequently ignore is brilliant, and GRS has a long way they can go to use it even more productively.”

Sam Britton

Dave Cormack
Chairman & CEO, Curve Dental Software; Chairman, Aberdeen Football Club, Scottish Premier League
Favorite Soccer Team: Aberdeen
“[GRS uses a ] results-driven focus on improving adolescent health.”

Kristie Helfrich
COO, The Benchmarking Company
Favorite Soccer Team: Any team one of my four kids is playing on!
“I have witnessed firsthand the power of soccer – as a way to channel an adolescent’s energy and passion – it works! I love how GRS is using soccer and the 3Cs to provide kids around the world with the tools they need to lead healthier lives.”

Jonny Nierenberg
Rithm Capital
Favorite Football Team: Premier League and Chicago Fire
“Soccer…has played a massive role in my life. What sticks out most to me from my experience is less about what happened on the field but rather the relationships and values that the sport leaves with you which has helped mold me into who I am today. GRS wants to provide that very same experience to adolescents around the world on the field, along with the right services and education, to help transform their lives and prosper off the field.”

Mark Sachleben
Finance Executive
Favorite Soccer Team: Liverpool and Dartmouth College Soccer, of course!
“In 2010, my family was in Capetown, and we were graciously given a tour of a GRS site…The passion of the staff and the energy of the kids was incredible. GRS provides such a welcoming place where youth love to spend time while also providing critical education and information.”

Tobin Heath – Co-Chair
2x World Cup Champion, RE–INC Co-Founder and Co-CEO
“The impact that [GRS has] is so important, not only in local communities but for the world. [GRS is] a bright light…supporting what is going to be the next generation of changemakers and leaders in communities and in the world.”

Stacy Branca
Favorite Soccer Teams: Dartmouth Women’s and Harvard Women’s, Inter Miami CF
“[GRS] employs a tangible, hands-on approach to enact change and help others, which is sustainable and powerful. Using football as the modality allows GRS to reach, grow, and expand as the love of this game transcends socio-cultural, political, and economic boundaries.”

Bobby Campbell
Managing Director, KKR & Co. Inc.
Favorite Soccer Team: Liverpool
“Soccer is such a wonderful way to teach and engage and Grassroot Soccer uses this to help local communities as well as individuals learn and grow in a safe space with wonderful mentorship.”

Dan Helfrich
Deloitte Consulting
Favorite Soccer Team: Georgetown University Men’s Soccer
“[GRS] connects two things I believe in deeply; the power of football to permanently change lives and the undeniable potential of the continent of Africa.”

Matt Leblanc
Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Chief Investment Officer of the Infrastructure Investment Group
Favorite Soccer Team: Liverpool FC
“Mentoring and empowerment to build healthy futures for adolescents and leadership through soccer and role models to much healthier lives”

Gordon Singer