Florence Tembo is a dedicated 20 year-old business lady in Lusaka, Zambia. Like other Grassroot Soccer Coaches she’s a self-motivated young woman making a difference in the lives of many adolescents.

“Life has not been an easy journey, coming from a financially challenged home,” she says. In addition, several other challenges helped Florence mature at an early age. Her parents could barely afford to pay for her examinations, which led to her results being withheld. Not giving up, she joined a security company to raise the required funds. Around this time, Florence started her work shifts at Grassroot Soccer Zambia’s Lusaka office. She gained much interest in the crucial role the Caring Coaches play in the organisation. She attended coach development sessions after her security work shift, and with her commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm she managed to impress the programs team and worked her way up to being a Grassroot Soccer Coach.

“GRS has been more or less like a turning point, as I am aiming at being a role model to young people, I’m as well attaining self-development. Being a Coach requires being supportive, having a heart, and knowledge on various life skills which are so beneficial,” she says.

When asked what she’s passionate about, Florence explains, “Facilitating, increasing the health knowledge, and how to use it; I believe adolescents have to know the right thing, therefore it is our obligation to provide them with the right information.”

Florence was once challenged during a SKILLZ health intervention when a participant arguably challenged the point, “A person is not supposed to have sex with a partner against their will.” The participant confidently based her argument on traditional teachings from the community. “I had to do additional explanation articulating the human rights to all the participants right there. I made sure they understood that they each have a right to say NO to sex,” Florence explains.

“I feels GRS has impacted [my] knowledge and information in that I can now stand in front of people, facilitating without being nervous. It has simply helped my personal development,” Florence concludes.

– As reported by Musanta Kalota, Grassroot Soccer Zambia Communications Intern