Date: 2/6/2013
Creator: Shane Curran-Hays
Source: USAID
Date of Publication: October, 2012

USAID has launched a new policy on Youth in Development, the first of its kind. Even with decades of experience in youth work, USAID has never approached this demographic systematically. The new policy presents specific strategies and guiding principles for how to invest in the world’s young people in the coming years. This policy brief lays out two clear objectives:

1.      Strengthen youth programming, participation, and partnership in support of Agency development objectives
2.      Mainstream and integrate youth issues and engage young people across Agency initiatives and operations

The policy brief highlights the importance of a holistic approach to youth development, recognizing the need to support, protect and engage young people across different types of interventions (e.g. health, education, etc.). It underscores the need to increase our evidence base by implementing rigorous evaluations of programs. Most notably, it recognizes youth as agents of change—as partners in development efforts.