Date: 11/25/13
Creator: Rebecca Hershow
Title: Trends in HIV prevalence and sexual behaviour among young people aged 15-24 years in countries most affected by HIV
Author(s): The International Group on Analysis of Trends in HIV Prevalence and Behaviours in Young People in Countries most Affected by HIV
Source: Sexually Transmitted Infections
Date of Publication: February 2011
Link: Report


In 2001, 189 countries signed the Declaration of Commitment at the United Nations of General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on AIDS, and committed to achieving a 25% reduction in HIV prevalence among 15-24 year-old people in the 25 most affected countries by 2005 and globally by 2010. This study aims to assess the progress towards this target using national HIV prevalence and sexual behavioral data among youth ages 15-24. Major findings showed:

  • The UNGASS target was reached or was on track to be reached by 2010 by the majority of the 21 countries included in the study.
    • The UNGASS target was reached among Zimbabwean men and women by 2005.
    • The UNGASS target was reached among South African men by 2005.
    • The UNGASS target was reached among Zambian women by 2008.
  • Most countries with HIV prevalence declines also show positive changes in sexual behavior.


The study shows the need for more in-depth research on behavioral change programmes to determine the extent to which these programmes have impacted changes in HIV prevalence and sexual behavior among youth.