Professional Soccer Player and TV Personality Dedicate Webseries Episode to Awareness of Grassroot Soccer

Leslie Osborne and Temryss Lane

Leslie Osborne and Temryss Lane host "The Checklist"

Have you seen The Checklist yet? Professional soccer player Leslie Osborne and soccer personality Temryss Lane are filming the first season of their new web series, which follows the friends throughout their travels as they attempt to accomplish and check off a list of challenges during grand world celebrations.

Appropriately, the first season kicked off this summer in London during the 2012 Olympic Games. As part of their checklist, Leslie and Temryss set out to complete a challenge on behalf of Grassroot Soccer, inspired by Ethan Zohn’s 500-mile soccer dribble from Foxboro, Massachusetts to Washington, D.C. The friends attempt to run while dribbling a soccer ball from Buckhingam Palace to Olympic Park. Watch the video to see if they officially check this one off their list!

Grassroot Soccer is delighted and thankful to be part of this engaging series. Be sure to check out the full season of The Checklist to see who the hosts encounter, what athletes they challenge, and what iconic locations they visit to experience foreign lands in a whole new light. Use the hashtag #CheckYourList to join the conversation!

Leslie Osborne and Ethan Zohn

Leslie Osborne and Ethan Zohn.



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