Resources: COVID-19

Here you will find links to Grassroot Soccer resources on COVID-19 and our response, as well as relevant external resources.

For a general overview of how Grassroot Soccer is working to enhance our programs during this time, please read this blog post: COVID-19: How Grassroot Soccer is Responding (March 29, 2020)

For official guidance on the coronavirus outbreak, visit




GRS SKILLZ COVID-19 RESPONSE Curriculum: Download this free, open-source curriculum:

Version 3.0 (Updated June 2021):
English version: Grassroot Soccer SKILLZ COVID-19 RESPONSE Curriculum

Version 1.0 (April 2020):

Afan-Oromo version: Afan-Oromo SKILLZ COVID-19 RESPONSE Curriculum
Amharic version: የኮቪድ-19 መከላከያ ክህሎት
Chichewa version: Bukhu la Grassroot Soccer SKILLZ COVID-19
French version: Programme d’Études Grassroot Soccer SKILLZ COVID-19 RÉPONSE
kiSwahili version: Mtaala wa Grassroot Soccer SKILLZ COVID-19
Portuguese version: Grassroot Soccer Currículo SKILLZ DE RESPOSTA AO COVID-19
Spanish version: Una Guía de Grassroot Soccer Respuesta SKILLZ COVID-19

Video Overviews of Curriculum:
Playlist including curriculum overview and separate videos for each practice: Grassroot Soccer SKILLZ COVID-19 RESPONSE Curriculum Playlist


Curriculum Facilitation Tips:
This supplemental resource for coaches, parents, caregivers, teachers, peers, health workers, and more provides tips and tricks for facilitating the Grassroot Soccer SKILLZ COVID-19 RESPONSE Curriculum.
English: SKILLZ COVID-19 Facilitation Tips
French: SKILLZ COVID-19 Conseils Pour L’Animation des Programmes D’Etudes

Remote SKILLZ Implementation Guide: Remote SKILLZ Implementation Guide
This resource  provides guidance for our partners to deliver their SKILLZ programs though creative and non-traditional methods.

Monitoring and Evaluation:
GRS COVID-19 Survey After delivering the SKILLZ COVID-19 RESPONSE curriculum with young people, please ask them to fill out the following survey. The results from this survey will help us strengthen the curriculum. All responses will be kept confidential.

Please visit our Resource page regularly, as we are developing additional quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools for our partners.



Voices of Youth Toolkit for Young People to Spread Awareness and Take Action on COVID-19