Nike, Inc., a top supporter of Grassroot Soccer, announced the launch of the Designed to Move Framework for Action today at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City. The project was co-authored with the American College of Sports Medicine and the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education.

Designed to MoveDesigned to Move was developed to coordinate efforts to address and solve what has become a global physical inactivity epidemic. The Framework for Action highlights the powerful base of global research and evidence that substantiates the stated threat to human health and happiness posed by this epidemic. It also provides an authoritative consensus on the actions needed to address this crisis.

Grassroot Soccer is proud to be featured as one of the case studies in the Framework. Our work is highlighted as an example of teaching healthy behaviors through sport. Through the power of soccer, GRS programs provide a high-impact solution to HIV prevention.

Designed to Move focuses on a vision of future generations running, jumping, and kicking to reach their full potential. The goal is to create a world where sports and physical activity are not only highly valued, but an expected and enjoyable part of life. To accomplish this, Nike and its partners are focused on two key strategies: create early positive experiences for children, and integrate physical activity into everyday life.

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