Date: 11/13/2012
Creator: Jeff Decelles
Source: American Journal of Public Health
Date of Publication: Sept 2012
Source Type: Literature
Link: Abstract

A systematic review of 29 single-session STI prevention interventions shows participants were 35% less likely to be infected with an STI than those that did not participate.

The authors suggest single-session interventions, which are inexpensive and manageable both for service providers and participants, should be bundled with biomedical interventions.

The analysis showed a reduction of unprotected sex and an increase in condom use.

The study reviewed interventions from US, Mexico, UK, Malawi, and Singapore with over 52,000 participants.

This article provides further justification for Make The Cut, GRS’s first single-session program, which is currently being launched in Zimbabwe. Make The Cut is a 90-minute soccer-based MMC uptake intervention for adult male soccer players in Bulawayo ages 18-30.

Action Steps:
Continue to look at “dosage,” as GRS interventions now range from 90 minutes to 2 years.

Explore other topics that GRS can explore using a single-session format.