One of Grassroot Soccer’s most successful partnerships to date has been with Iringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children Care (IDYDC) in the Iringa district of Tanzania. GRS and IDYDC continue to deliver critical HIV and malaria prevention messaging to Tanzanian youth through the ZINDUKA kupitia SOKA project. A Peace Corps extension volunteer was placed with IDYDC in late 2012 to support daily program execution and monitoring and evaluation efforts of the ZINDUKA program. GRS continues to provide IDYDC with technical support.

IDYDC Malaria tournamentOn October 25th, IDYDC hosted a Malaria Community Event at the FIFA Football for Hope Center in Iringa, Tanzania. The event featured a soccer tournament, which included 8 teams of 8 players each (64 youth aged 10-16). These 64 youth took part in 2 malaria focused ZINDUKA activities (Bed Net Ball & Malaria Facts/Nonsense). A total of 253 people were tested for malaria, (the most we have tested at an event to date!!!!), of which, 176 were under the age of 15. IDYDC estimates that 400 people of all ages from Iringa attended the event. The event was an undeniable success and had a huge impact in Iringa.

Check out a few more pics from the event below.

IDYDC Malaria tournament

IDYDC Malaria tournament

IDYDC malaria event


Post submitted by Logan Loya.