Rango movie poster

From now until March 11th when you sign up to host an INSPI(RED) SOCCER tournament at your school or in your community, you will not only help fight AIDS in Africa but you will also be entered to win a free private screening of the new movie Rango, starring Johnny Depp which hits theaters March 4th!

With (RED) we’ve created INSPI(RED) SOCCER, a program that empowers students to help fight AIDS in Africa by hosting 3 v 3 soccer tournaments.

Sign up to host a tournament before March 11th and be entered to win 1 of 3 private screenings of Rango for your campus. The screenings will take place at your local theater, and you get to provide the guest list. Click here for rules.

Johnny Depp is RangoTo sign up, email INSPIREDSOCCER@grassrootsoccer.org or call 802-649-2900. For more information on hosting a tournament click here.

Visit www.RangoMovie.com for more information on the movie.