Grassroot Soccer partner Foxes FC, West London’s premier youth soccer squad and development team, hosted a Parents Tournament on Nov. 16th. Clad in GRS t-shirts  of various colors, the young players’ parents took to the pitch on a cold day in London’s Hyde Park for a day of competitive soccer and a chance to learn more about our work.

Foxes FC Parents Tournament

Due to the high level of interest, no doubt inspired by their children’s efforts during training, the event was arranged in tournament format with over 60 parents and coaches involved and divided in to 6 teams. The Black Stars team emerged victorious with a 1-0 win over the Red Devils in extra time.

Many thanks to the whole Foxes FC club for giving GRS the opportunity to be a part of such a fun event and providing GRS Europe team member Nik Haigh the chance to speak about our work to mobilize young people to live healthy lives.

blue royals

The Blue Royals, including GRS Global Board member Seb Bishop (2nd from right) and GRS Europe team member Nik Haigh (far right).


Black Stars

Tournament winners the Black Stars.