ethan_headerBy now, many of you in the Grassroot Soccer network know I was diagnosed in May with a rare form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and have already begun treatment. The statistics say that, with chemotherapy, I’ve got an excellent chance of defeating this disease, and I’m confident that I’ll beat it. Cancer is a serious and growing health threat to young adults, see the facts here, and I’m going to use this as an opportunity to help raise awareness.

You can read more about my diagnosis, and experience since, in the interview I gave to People magazine here , and even watch a video of me cutting off my signature curly hair here. And I’ll be sending updates throughout my treatment on Twitter at , and on my website at

My compassion for those affected by a life-threatening disease has become more informed as I’ve been faced with this diagnosis. Now I know first-hand what it’s like to get this kind of news, and I can better relate to my friends in Africa faced with their own challenges. But, I’m the lucky one because I have access to the best medicine and a great support group, so it has motivated me even more to help educate others who aren’t as fortunate.

Cancer and HIV/AIDS are two diseases we have a lot more to learn about. But while we continue search for ways to prevent cancer, we already know what we can do to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. I remain committed to everything Grassroot Soccer is doing, and greatly appreciate the support of everyone within the organization, and our partners in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
On Wednesday June 10th, at 9pm eastern, I appeared on Larry King Live alongside Katie Couric as a Dream Team Ambassador for Stand Up For Cancer , and I will continue to use this opportunity as a way to educate others about how to live a healthy, positive life.