Grassroot Soccer takes great pride in its global partnerships, having worked with implementing partners in over 20 countries. In order to keep the ideas flowing, the global partnerships team recently hosted a Program Exchange in Cape Town with an impressive faction of participants from all around the world. Attendees included program managers and trainers from our partners in Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Equatorial Guinea, Brazil, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic.

Global Learning Exchange

Global Program Learning Exchange participants and GRS staff in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Exchange, which took place during the week of May 27-31, focused on sharing best practices across organizations with the hope that all participants would return home to infuse some new ideas and energy into their respective programs. Members of GRS’ Global Partnerships and South Africa teams hosted sessions throughout the week on a range of topics, from business development and coach development to leadership, management, and monitoring and evaluation. Also included were three key sessions on gender relations – a topic that GRS feels is of the utmost importance to the lasting success of any program or organization.

The following quote from one of the South African participants best sums up the success of the exchange: “It was the most exciting learning workshop ever. I feel growth within and I am so excited to go back and share with my fellow team.”