Solo and Clark

GRS CEO Tommy Clark, M.D. attempts to complete his hat trick against U.S. Goalkeeper Hope Solo. (Disclaimer: image may not represent actual events.)

This Sunday, July 17, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team will be playing Japan in the finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Frankfurt,  Germany.  Grassroot Soccer would like to recognize Team U.S.A., and all of the women’s teams that have competed in this year’s World Cup, as inspiring female role models.  These outstanding female athletes serve as examples to our students of how making smart decisions and believing in yourself can lead to excellence in life.

Grassroot Soccer has always striven for an equal gender balance within our Skillz programs and in recent years we have recognized the need for a refined, girls-targeted approach to appropriately address gender specific challenges in the fight against HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa. In response to the unique risk factors that young women face, and the potential that a sport-based approach has to address them, GRS is currently implementing two Skillz intervention products designed to keep young women HIV-free. You can read more about our gender-based approach here.

U.S. Women players at GRS

U.S. National Team member Heather O

We’d like to give special acknowledgment to Team U.S.A. as they head into the finals.   We’ve had several former and current team members join GRS on site visits and in support of our work to create an AIDS-free generation.