In October 2015, Grassroot Soccer (GRS) Partnerships launched a new project with JMK Park in Dar es Salaam to use sport to support health education and empower youth to serve as change agents in their communities. JMK Park currently implements two GRS curricula: Zinduka kupitia Soka covers HIV and Malaria prevention; the other is SKILLZ Girl, which empowers young girls to know their rights and lead healthy lives.

GRS supports Coaches to implement the curricula as well as integrate health messaging into the JMK sports coaches’ daily practices with Tanzanian youth.

There is also a weekly football clinic dedicated to street kids in Dar es Salaam, which has reached over 200 individuals since November 2015 and offers regular sport and health education opportunities as well as providing them a safe space. Additionally, a doctor and staff are always present at the park to attend to any injuries, questions, and support the youth with their health needs.

Since its opening, over 17,500 unique individuals have registered to participate in activities at the park. We are excited to be working with JMK Park and to support Tanzanian youth to build their sport skills and live healthy lives!  Below are a handful of photographs from the park.

TZ boys soccer scrimmage

Tanzanian boy saves the ball in a SKILLZ Soccer scrimmage


TZ girl holding ball

Tanzanian girl holding a soccer ball


GRS Master Coach teaching

GRS Master Coach teaching youth about HIV


JMK park risk field

Coaches setting up risk field, an interactive GRS activity


Girls basketball at JMK park

Girls basketball practice engaged in a SKILLZ energizer


TZ girl dribbling ball

Tanzanian girl dribbling a soccer ball


JMK park cool down circle

Cool down team circle at the end of a practice