Enouce Ndeche

Enouce Ndeche

On May 21, the Egmont Trust held their annual award ceremony in London, and a long-time partner of ours won an incredible award. In one of the biggest highlights of the night, Enouce Ndeche earned the Most Inspirational Individual award for his work in setting up Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP), a charitable organization that integrates social and economic values through soccer in Nairobi, Kenya. VAP has been one of our most successful partnerships.

Each year the Egmont Trust honors an individual who has demonstrated inspirational commitment in the fight against AIDS, and Enouce is certainly more than a deserving candidate for this award. Co-founder of Grassroot Soccer Kirk Friedrich had nothing but praises for Enouce, “Enouce is exactly the type of young, resourceful person that makes Grassroot Soccer strong. I have no doubt that his passion in the fight against AIDS will continue to grow his program and truly make a difference.”

In 2004, Enouce reached out to Grassroot Soccer on how to educate the youth of Kenya about HIV. We provided him with technical advice and a copy of our curriculum, and ever since then, Enouce has continued to grow a very successful program. VAP has graduated over 14,000 youth from its program, making an impact in some of the worst slums in Nairobi. Today, VAP continues to grow and spread important life and social values to youth through the universal language of soccer.


V.A.P. in action

VAP has educated over 14,000 youth from the GRS curriculum. Here a VAP Coach works with a group of youth.