GRS graduatesRecently the Children’s Radio Foundation produced a Radio Workshop feature program entitled “The Stages of Womanhood“, which features interviews and stories on what it means to be a woman in southern Africa.  Three girls who participated in Grassroot Soccer’s Skillz Street program are featured in the program and discuss how the program taught them about taking responsibility for their lives and their health, and what it means to be a leader. The GRS graduate interviews begin at 15:00 in, although we encourage you to listen to the whole enlightening program.

A girls-targeted intervention, Skillz Street combines an activities-based HIV prevention and life skills curriculum with fair play soccer and peer-led community outreach activities. Led by GRS’ community role models, Skillz Coaches, and enhanced by the unique culture developed within Skillz programs, this girl-centered initiative creates a safe space for adolescent girls to play noncompetitive soccer, take action in their community, and have vital conversations about HIV and AIDS. For more information on GRS’ gender-based approach, click here.