Chicago Marathon runner

Sam Todd runs the 2017 Chicago Marathon on Team GRS

Pam Miles, events coordinator for Grassroot Soccer, shares why the Chicago Marathon is not to be missed.

October 8, 2017 was a picture perfect fall day for this year’s Chicago Marathon (well, maybe 80 degrees is perfect for spectators; perhaps a bit hot for runners!). The five members of Team Grassroot Soccer, which included two sisters and three friends, all spent months training for the big day while selflessly raising money for Grassroot Soccer (GRS). The team raised over $17,000 and their efforts will provide well over 600 adolescents with the life-changing education they need to make informed decisions about their greatest health risks starting immediately and continuing for the rest of their lives.

Veteran Team GRS runner Garratt Stuart joined us for his second-ever marathon. Garratt was part of our New York City marathon team in 2016 and this year he enlisted two friends to run with him in Chicago. From the feedback we’ve received, Chicago is one to consider strongly if you are interested in running a marathon.

Reading the comments from our runners would make even non-runners think about taking on Chicago. According to one member of Team GRS, “Having run the Boston Marathon twice . . . I found Chicago to be such a more energetic and electric environment, partially, I think, because the marathon goes entirely through the city . . .  The crowd was consistent throughout the entire course in Chicago. The support staff on the course was plentiful and helpful as well. Crossing the finish line in Grant Park was spectacular!” GRS arranged for our runners to join Imerman’s Angels, another Chicago Marathon Charity Partner, at their pre and post-race hospitality suite. With a location close to the finish, this helped make for what one runner said was “. . . frictionless and smoothfrom the check-in to the race morning accommodations to the race to the post-race setup, there were zero issues.” And a crowd always helps! From what our team has told us, “The atmosphere was incredible with so many people cheering you on along the way.”

And here’s some good training feedback to keep in mind for any marathon, “. . . Plan on coming to Chicago a day earlier (Thursday), as I felt like I didn’t get to see as much of the city since you’re mentally preparing for the race on Saturday. Even though the course is flat, I do think doing some hill training would be beneficial as well, and I did not incorporate that into my training plan this time around. Otherwise, I’d try to take my headphones out earlier so I could soak in the energy from the crowd and the city earlier on in the race.”

Recruiting is on for 2018 so come join us! Click here for more information.
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