Curriculum Formatters: Request for Proposals – Deadline Extended

Grassroot Soccer develops sport-based adolescent health curricula in collaboration with partner organizations, health care providers, schools, and other stakeholders on topics such as HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health and rights, mental health, gender, climate, malaria, and financial education. GRS develops and implements innovative and professional curriculum products including Coach’s guides, magazines, training materials, and phone-based tools. GRS seeks to engage formatting consultants to format the curricula and other products such that they follow a consistent, professional style, as well as to recreate images and diagrams. Consultants will be requested to complete a formatting exercise as part of the evaluation process.

GRS is soliciting proposals for formatting consultants to join a pool of GRS preferred consultants.

To Submit

All proposals must be submitted by email by 17:00 CAT on 8 September 2023 to Polite Ndlovu 

All submitted proposals must include technical information as detailed in Part B: Specifications and cost information as detailed in Part C: Cost Information.

Questions for Clarification

Interested consultants should direct any questions about this RFP in writing no later than 31 August 2023. 

All questions must be submitted via email to Polite Ndlovu 

All submissions of questions must include the RFP reference number and the interested consultant’s name. Questions directed via any other means, including but not limited to telephone, will not be considered.

Responses to questions will be posted on the GRS website on 2 September 2023.

Specifications & Competencies

  • Consultant has between three (3) and six (6) years of experience working in Microsoft Office Word in a professional setting.
  • Consultant has excellent proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite programs including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel.
  • Consultant has three (3) years of experience formatting curricula and other Microsoft Word-based communications products.
  • Consultant has a meticulous attention to detail.
  • Consultant has exceptional written and verbal skills in English.
  • Consultant is able to effectively work remotely and in a cross-cultural setting.
  • Consultant is able to meet deadlines often with tight turnarounds.
  • Consultant is a team player that can work with a diverse group of internal stakeholders and partners.

Job Overview

Date Posted

July 18, 2023



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